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To become a successful and recognized contractor in both performance and innovation, “zero tolerance” for unsafe practices is crutial and we believe that a safe job is a productive job. Our Safety Program is a based on a culture encompassing the entire company, top to bottom, side to side. Our Management team members frequently and strictly evaluate and control safety standarts of each employee on the site.

We consider as key elements of our safety:

  • Involvement of crew
  • Use of a full-time Safety Educator to assist the project team
  • Company safety and health manual
  • To use a full time safety controller program of a full time (Project Superintendent, Field Superintendent, and Foreman levels)
  • Supervisor, foreman, and employee training programs
  • New-employee orientation and training
  • Accident and injury reporting system with follow-up corrective measures
  • Jobsite Safety analysis for all major work phases

Safety Reinforcement consist:

  • Full authority of our Safety Engineer on the site
  • Frequent safety evaluations of jobs by our Management Team members
  • Daily and weekly safety meetings
  • Safety training provided applicable to the project scope of work
  • Work plans that incorporate safety training and planning
  • Company safety award program
  • Partnering and coordination with the client for job-wide safety and health efforts